MWX R.1 Resource Center

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Welcome to your new MWX R.1 kit! We are thrilled to be able to show you all of the in's and out's of the car and how we like to assemble it here at MWX Performance. Each assembly step is explained on this page with accompying videos, detailed diagrams, and tips. Rest assured if you follow our instructions, you will benefit from the car's maximum performance.


If anything is unclear, please let us know at If you experience issues with the renderings, try clearing cookies & cache from your broswer or try another browser.


Good luck and happy building!



Step 1: Front end assembly

R.1 Front End Kingpin Polishing Video:

Step 2: Steering linkage

Step 3: Steering post assembly

Step 4: Servo mount assembly

R.1 assembly , servo and steering video:

Step 5: Battery holder assembly

Step 6: Main chassis assembly

Lexan Bodies

Hard Bodies

R.1 Hard body mount assembly video:

R.1 Lexan Body Mount Assembly Video:

Step 7: Rear Pod Assembly

R.1 Pod assembly video:

Step 8: Differential

Step 9: Shocks

R.1 Shock Assembly Video:

Step 10: Final assembly

Setup Sheet